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Hi Vanessa and Matt!

Thank you again for having me drop by the cottage recently - it was fantastic to see such a well delivered and unique local tourism offering - especially in my beloved Hills.

I've collated some footage and photography content for you (I will send you a download link from 'WeTransfer'), and below are a few notes on what I've sent through.

Katie and I are so excited to stay the night on July 16th, and look forward to speaking with you soon!.

Thank you again.

- Scott Berwick

0421 825 305

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I have provided a set of photos looking at the cottage from over the creek (similar to the one quick edit I sent through previously), edited in two different styles - regular, and a more 'vintage' edit - the vintage style seems to fit a little nicer with what's currently on your website.

As these are captured in landscape, they are optimised for website use, but can easily be cropped for social media use. 

Aldgate Valley Vintage-7.jpg





The drone fly through videos have come up well, and I have put together two for use as Reels or Posts, in portrait format. I've also processed Flythrough 2 (up the creek and over the deck) in landscape format, so it can be shared on other formats if you like (website etc.). I've also included a long and a short version of this one.


These slow drone shots will work best outside of social media, as they are locked in landscape format - ideal for website use etc. Although I can't convert these ones to a portrait aspect, they can be cropped on Instagram etc if you do want to use them for social media. 


Sincere thanks again for having me along to check out your beautiful place.

Really can't wait to be back there shortly and to show Katie.

Speak soon!

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