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Hello Steve and the Lost Retreats team!

Thank you again for having me drop by the Mt Osmond retreat recently - it was fantastic to see such a well delivered and unique local tourism offering - a joy to photograph.

Specialising in unique drone and cinematic video for social media and online use, I work with select tourism operators across SA to produce content for whatever your needs be. We spoke briefly about new Adelaide Hills retreats coming online shortly, and I would love the opportunity to capture marketing imagery and video for you at this exciting time, as well as for any current retreats that may need some updated content.

Below are a small collection of photos and reels captured in a 90 minute period on site - I will also send you a download link to you with the high resolution copies of this content (and a few extras) - you are more than welcome to use these as you like, should they be suitable.

I look forward to chatting with you soon about any content needs you might have, and seeing if I can help you deliver this together.

Thank you again.

- Scott Berwick

0421 825 305

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